installation + performance i.c.w. Michael Pestel
Museum De Paviljoens, Almere

with many thanks to breeding bird population VVB, Almere; 8 high school students Almere: Jasper Goedman (artist/musician)

Endangered species of birds are a living reminder with whom communication is still possible. For Jeroen van Westen and Michael Pestel (USA) extinct birds are symbols of amputated possibilities. Art can do little for them except give them a voice. Our languages contains proverbs which typify the attitude of our (explicitly verbal) culture towards birds and towards nature. Through means of acoustic art, Jeroen van Westen and Michael Pestel can express the possibilities and impossibilities of communicating with nature and with birds.
For the triptych exhibition Natuurlijke Verwantschappen (Natural Affinities) a virtual bird landscape is created in which an exchange between birds (nature) and people (culture) can take place through the intermediary of art. The young (planted 30 years ago) Vroege Vogelbos (Early Bird Wood) provides an extra cultural incentive. Here people can meet (in language and in sound) other people and birds.