Automatische concepten

Wounded trees, steel mesh almost completely disappeared into the trees. Man nailed the mesh against the tree, the tree grew around the mesh. Clay is supposed to be healing, it is said that clay sticks to the organism, and literally sucks out what doesn’t belong in it. Inflammations would cure in hours and wounds would close. I don’t know, but I take clay, roll it out, stagger with the slab in my arms to the tree, and I wrap the clay and myself around the tree. When I take the slab of again, I take it back in to the studio, turn it inside out and reconnect the ends: a ring with the inverse imprint of the tree’s scars is carefully made. The rings are fired, some in a field kiln at a lower temperature, most in a regular gas kiln. They have different diameters, various thicknesses, are lower and higher. Those variations result in each ring having its own tone now they are turned in stone fossils of a curing process that continues to take place inside the tree. Together the fossils can be played like an instrument, its sound vaguely reminding of an Indonesian Gamelan. Thanks to Anne Ausloos, Rob Muylaert en Curdin Tones