AWARENESS -installation- 1995

-the contents of a ‘sacred’ bundle-
PCA, National Gallery, Pittsburgh USA
publication: folder

Upon entering the gallery one sees a low table glowing in a dimly lit room. The table has steel sides and an aluminium frame around the glass top. Through the glass coal dust glitters. On the table lies a ‘parflêche’ (Plains Indians ‘suitcase’) containing several books (a more extensive description can be found in Awareness in the category dealing with artist’s books).
Murals of maps are made on opposite walls; one is of Pittsburgh, the other of Pennsylvania. Both of them only depict rivers, streams and streets whose names refer to Native American history. Photos of such streets are projected (almost life size) directly onto the long wall, amidst lengthy lists of all Pittsburgh street names. Quiet voices can be heard through the gallery. Visitors can take a seat and listen to one of the recorded stories of Native Americans living in Pittsburgh.
In an adjacent room concise explanations are furnished, in the form of images or texts, relating to the Native American origin of the photographed streets.