Edition: 4, numbered North, East, South, West (approximately 350x600x10mm)

Presented in a Plains Indian’s suitcase (parfleche) are four books which combine to give an analysis of a twentieth century city in the USA. In 1992, five hundred years after Columbuss first journey to the New World, an attempt was made to interpret this city, both physically and spiritually. The presentation is done a such a way that every reader can explore certain streets of the city (Book I: 200 photo’s of streets whose names refer to Native Americans); look up (wishful) interpretations of their names (Book II: texts exploring the etymology of names, some illustrations); get a general idea of their location (Book III: a spirally folded double-sided map); and finally to listen to Native American inhabitants (Book IV: two audio cassettes with five monologues).
Everything is bound in parchment and the parfleche is made of rawhide.