Automatische concepten

In Enschede the hospital is rotated 90 degrees, and the main entrance is oriented towards the city centre. This beautiful gesture needs space. The city council has decided to create a new square above the west entrance of the parking garage, on the location of the current crossroads of the Beltstraat and the Boulevard 1945. This change in the city’s infrastructure is the next step in the elimination of the Boulevard 1945 as a cross-city route for motorists. The new square (Koningsplein), will hereby become an antipode to the other square that cut off the Boulevard 1945, the Van Heekplein. The city wants these two squares to be opposites not only in a spatial sense, but in atmosphere too. Artists have been asked to collaborate in making the new square a green and restful place, and create an artwork that functions as a point of orientation for visitors of the city and the hospital. Three teams have been invited to give their view on this assignment. In the entry AANRAAKBAAR, the idea is to design from the perspective of the sensory perception of the place and its direct surroundings. The assignment is seen as a composition of meanings related to local and global changes. Re-developments of the city have demolished many art-deco villa’s in this area, it will be exciting to research the old villa’s, to re-introduce the sensorial qualities of arts and crafts of their time in the design and materialisation of the new square. Another dimension is the global climate change, causing, in combination with more and higher buildings in the city a change towards a two-season environment in the inner city. This will lead to a new type of park to be an oasis in the city. The third aspect to be included in the design process will be the relation between what is underground (parking garage and connection to the Hospital), and what is above: the square as connection between underground and the sky as well as being a central hub in the city. All together this proposal is an integral process working towards a square which is a world in its own right, an oasis in the city. The committee selected one of the other entries in June 2013.