A1-roadmovie 2007

Commisioned by Tauw bv, Deventer.
In collaboration with Julian Scaff.

Do inhabitants long for distance, to explore the space of the highway? Does the driver at the highway live a life in desire, is there wind of change and freedom blowing trough his head? Is the A1 a metaphor for freedom and personal growth, is the A1 provincial, turned inward? Road movie or a regional novel?

A research done in collaboration with a team of young professionals at Tauw bv (civil engineers) and Goudap[pel Coffeng (traffic logistic experts) has resulted in four design studies and a short (road)movie.

Directed by Julian H. Scaff – Produced by Jeroen van Westen – Cinematography by Julian H. Scaff
Edited by Julian H. Scaff and Jeroen van Westen
Interviews with: Machteld Aardse, Henk Hengeveld, Katrien Bijl, Floris Frederix, Marco Aarden, Annemieke Helder.
Appearances by: Ron Bos, Hem Broekhof, D.J. Faiken, Floris Frederix, Martijn Gerritsen, Nuno Gomez, Ayad Haba, A.J. van Hell, André Oldenkamp, Marleen Schokker, Maaike Teunissen, Jeroen van Westen
music “East-West” by The Al Breckenridge International Three:
Al Breckenridge, Nicholas James Enfield, Neil Thomason.