3318 – The World seen through the eyes of the cow 2003


Commissioned by Stichting wAarde (foundation wEarth)
icw Thomas van Slobbe (director of Stichting wAarde), Helmut Eisel (musician)

Cow 3318 is the camera woman who recorded an hour of her life with a Mini DV video camera mounted on her head. On request of the Stichting wAarde for the project “Een boom voor een koe” (a tree for a cow, trees in fields for shade). Watch a fragment of the video.
The dvd is published in a booklet titled Dichter bij de koe” (closer (and/or poet) to the cow), ISBN 90-76661-09-x. The material is also used in a documentary for the NCRV (pbs) Het mooiste Plekje” (the most beautiful spot) according to the writer Koos van Zomeren, with music by Helmut Eisel, played on location especially for cow 3318.